Cooking with Peter T. Hooper
How to make a green egg.

This post got so many notes I am very surprised! however some seem to think that the egg has been dyed!

I can’t let this stand. Nope. not at all! For you will see it is au natural~

Step one, cook your eggs, 1 hour sousvide. I find it works best at 63 degree.

((I didn’t comp for water absorption and did them at 59. As such the yolk was cooked, but runny.))

step two take them out, peel away the white. The yolks should feel firmer than raw, and appear very bright.

Step three includes the green, I used parsley, but spinach or basil works to a ‘T’.

Blanch it and shock it, then dry it very well.

You want all that chlorophyll to be bright and swell~

Step 4 you will blend it! for about 90 seconds. That should be more than enough I reckons!

You should end up with this, this green looking goo. Season it with salt and calcium lactate too! it’s a powder derived from milk! magical stuff, 15 grams per 500 ml’s will surely be enough!

Now for those bubbles, we can’t have them there! For where there are bubbles, there must be air!

And that would be bad, so lets get rid of it! Throw it in the vacuum chamber, otherwise for a day, let it sit.

So you have this mixture, freeze it in a mold. freeze it very well, it must get VERY cold!

Next make a mixture, a mix called alginate. 5 grams per litre water will help the egg activate!

Let the puck sit for awhile, maybe 2 minutes time. A gel will for around it, encasing the eggy slime.

Shake the pan a little bit, just a gentle gyration. This cooking technique I’m showing you is call reverse sphereification.

Remove the egg, and rinse it off, once hot and once cold. Now you have your perfect yolk, by it’s self the thing will hold!

Now you’ll want to fry an egg. cut away the excess. I recommend a non stick pan to help you achieve success.

Cut out the yolk, you don’t need that, you’ve had yours custom made!

Plop your green yolk in it’s hole and your green egg done! With my aid~

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